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home remodeling leads

Getting leads for a home remodeling business can be challenging. The success of a home remodeling business depends a lot on the competition in the area where your company operates. 

It’s incredibly important to market a home remodeling business effectively to beat your competition and get more leads. And of course, you need to focus on the most effective marketing methods that work well for businesses that operate in home remodeling industry.  

In this blog, we’ll describe the most effective strategies that home remodeling companies can use to promote their services, attract new clients to their businesses and get more leads.    

Third-Party Lead Vendors

Third party lead vendors can generate a lot of leads to a home remodeling business. This is why many business owners choose to promote their home remodeling company on the popular referral sites such as Angi, Home Advisor and Houzz. 

These sites provide people with useful information on home service professionals available in their areas. The truth is that many people prefer to use these sites to search for home remodeling businesses. They can read honest reviews about home service professionals and analyze the prices on services. And of course, this information helps homeowners make smart decisions and hire the right professionals for their home remodeling projects.      

The owners of home remodeling businesses can use referrals to promote their services. Do you want to get leads from third party vendors? If so, add your home remodeling businesses to these sites. After that, you have to get as many good reviews as possible. Positive reviews left by happy customers will allow you to build a good reputation for your company on these sites. 

Bear in mind that leads generated from these types of sites are also being offered to other subscribers in your area and therefore are not exclusive to you.

Google Business Listing

There has been a lot of talk about using Google business listing for marketing purposes. Google business listing has many great marketing benefits and can contribute greatly to your home remodeling company’s success. 

  • It’s important to know that Google business listing improves local SEO. So, more people will manage to find your home remodeling business in local Google search. As a result, you’ll be able to increase your online presence and, most importantly, get more leads. 
  • If you add a home remodeling company to Google business listing, people will get all the necessary information and manage to find your home remodeling company easily and quickly.    
  • It’s also important to note that Google business listing allows businesses to improve their reputation. If you do a great job for your customers, you’ll get a lot of positive reviews. And of course, positive reviews will help you get more leads and contribute greatly to the success of your home remodeling business. 

There is no doubt that Google business listing has to be a part of home remodeling company’s marketing strategy. So, use the power of Google business listing to promote your home remodeling business and get more leads.           


Facebook is a powerful online advertising tool that works very well for a home remodeling business. It’s possible to promote a home remodeling company on Facebook in a number of different ways. 

1) Create and Promote a Facebook Business Page

First of all, it’s necessary to create a profile for a home remodeling business on Facebook. When creating a Facebook business page, you have to make it clear what your company does and how it can help homeowners.

Also, you need to update your Facebook business page with relevant content regularly. Add relevant tags to each of your Facebook posts. By doing so, you’ll make it easy for customers to find your business on the social media platform. It’s worth noting that Facebook posts will help you get a lot of attention, attract a lot of new clients to your business and get more leads.    

2) Use Paid Ads to Promote Your Business on Facebook 

Paid ads are a fast and effective way to promote a business on Facebook. With paid ads, you can identify your Facebook target audience. That means that you can specify the age, sex, locations as well as interests of your prospects. Advertisers can change, update or stop their ads on Facebook anytime they want. Paid ads will drive high amounts of targeted traffic to your home remodeling business site. It’s important to note that Facebook traffic that’s generated by paid ads converts well into leads.       

3) Promote Home Remodeling Business in Facebook Groups

Do a research and try to find Facebook groups, which are relevant to home remodeling niche and the area where you do business. You can also create your own Facebook group.

There are several ways to promote a home remodeling business in Facebook groups. For example, you can create the discussions, which are relevant to home remodeling on Facebook. Also, you can participate in the discussions that have been created by other people. Leave comments, answer questions and try to get noticed in a Facebook group. One way or another, you’ll be able to get a lot of attention to your home remodeling business.           

If done right, Facebook promotion can generate a lot of leads to a home remodeling business. The more time you spend on your Facebook promotion campaign, the more leads you’ll manage to get.        

Your Own Website

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to run a business without a website. Home remodeling companies use sites to describe their services and increase online presence for their businesses.

There are many ways to promote a website of a home remodeling company. These include:

Each of these website promotion methods has its own pros and cons. Home remodeling business owners can take advantage of these advertising solutions to promote their sites, attract new clients and get more leads for their businesses.    

Home remodeling leads generated from your own website are some of the best leads possible.  Their value comes from the fact that the lead is captive to you.  It has not been sold multiple times to multiple contractors in your area.  Additionally, this lead was generated on your site, indicating that the prospect has already shown an interest in your company and the service you offer.

Do you want to get leads for your home remodeling company? Contact us today to get a service quote! Our professionals have many years of experience in marketing home remodeling businesses! We’ll develop an effective strategy that works well for a home remodeling company!  

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