How to Optimize a Google Business Listing for Your Home Remodeling Business

google business listing for home remodeling business

Google Business Listing helps home remodeling professionals promote their services effectively. Google Business Listing allows home remodelers to improve their local SEO and can increase their online presence significantly. It’s also important to note that Google Business Listing makes it easy for your new and existing clients to find you on Google Maps.    

Generally speaking, Google Business Listing can become a powerful online advertising tool for a home remodeling business. However, the tool works well only if you optimize your Google Business Listing correctly. In this blog, we will give you some insights into optimizing a Google Business Listing. Follow our optimization tips to get the most out of your online promotion strategy. 

So, let’s get started.

Provide the Correct Information on Google Business Listing

The local search in Google aims to provide users with the most relevant results. Google Business Listing is used to provide the search engine with the correct information about local businesses. That’s why it’s so important to enter the accurate data about a home remodeling business. So, make sure that you have provided the correct details such as business address, business operating hours, category of a business, etc. 

Sometimes, home remodeling professionals need to relocate or make changes to their strategies. Home remodeling business owners have to make changes to Google Business Listing and keep the information on their profiles accurate and up-to-date. Inform your target audience how your business will operate on holidays.    

Optimize Google Business Listing for the Target Keywords

Home remodeling professionals have to create the descriptions for their businesses on Google Business Listing. Such descriptions have to contain the information on home remodeling services, benefits of the company, etc. And of course, it would be better to include the target keywords in the business descriptions.

It’s possible to publish the so called local posts on Google Business Listing. Home remodeling professionals can use local posts to inform the target audience about important news, specials and discounts. 

It’s necessary to optimize Google Business Listing for relevant keywords. Pick keywords that can drive clients to your home remodeling business. Make sure that keywords in the descriptions look and sound natural. Keyword stuffing should be avoided.

Share Photos on Your Google Business Listing Profile

Google Business Listing makes it possible to provide photos on business profiles. And of course, home remodeling professionals should take advantage of this great feature.  

It would be great for home remodeling professionals to add photos of their best works. It goes without saying that such photos help home remodelers impress the target audience. In this case, Google Business Listing will serve as a portfolio for your home remodeling company.  

Adding photos to Google Business Listing has many great benefits for a home remodeling business. Photos attract the additional traffic to Google Business Listing profiles and increase their conversion rate. But most importantly, photos can be optimized for the keywords that you target. That means that you can make use of photos to optimize Google Business Listing and make it relevant to the target keywords. 

Manage Customer Reviews on Google Business Listing

After a Google Business Listing has been started, people will manage to leave reviews about a home remodeling business. Keep in mind that each of positive customer reviews contributes greatly to the success of a home remodeling business. That’s why it’s so important for home remodelers to get positive reviews and avoid negative reviews for their businesses. However, negative reviews can hurt the reputation of your home remodeling company.  

Home remodeling professionals should manage customer reviews for their businesses on a Google Business Listing profile. The truth is that people are very selective when it comes to picking home remodeling professionals for their projects. It’s worth noting that potential customers tend to do the research and check customer reviews carefully prior to hiring a home remodeling company. Clearly, home owners give a preference to businesses that have built a good reputation on the market. On the other hand, nobody wants to deal with home remodeling professionals, who have bad reviews.

React to customer reviews. Business owners should always reply to all the reviews that people have left about a home remodeling company on a Google Business Listing. By doing so, home remodelers can demonstrate their serious attitude to business. Customers should see that home remodelers take into account their opinions and do their best to improve their businesses. Let’s say that a happy client has left a positive review about your business. In this case, you should reply to such a review and express thanks to a client. 

Impress clients with the quality of home remodeling work. First and foremost, home remodelers should do high quality work for their customers. They should do every single thing possible to make their customers happy. If a customer is happy with the work that has been done for him/her, then he/she will leave a positive review for a home remodeling business. After that, all that it’s necessary to do is to ask a happy client to leave a review about your company. This will help you have a positive review for your business easily and quickly.                   

Try to turn your negative reviews into positive ones. Home remodeling professionals should never ignore negative reviews. It makes a lot of sense to reply to bad reviews as well. Let’s say that things went wrong and you have received a bad review about a home remodeling company. Contact a client, who has left a negative review about your business and try to figure out what makes him/her unhappy with your home remodeling services. After that, you should do your best to solve the client’s problems. It’s worth noting that such an attitude works well and may even help home remodelers turn unhappy clients into happy ones. Oftentimes, unhappy client change their decisions and leave positive feedbacks about a home remodeling company.

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