A Practical Guide to AI in 2024 for Home Remodeling Contractors

by | May 6, 2024


The interview covered various aspects of AI-generated content and its implications for search engine optimization (SEO). Notably, Google’s stance on AI content has shifted towards valuing helpfulness and relevance, rather than solely prioritizing content created by humans. This shift aligns with Google’s “Helpful Content Update,” emphasizing content produced for humans, whether by humans or AI. While Google’s ability to analyze content has limitations, it focuses on signals like engagement and relevance to determine ranking. Moreover, the discussion touched on AI-assisted content creation and ownership. Jonathan emphasized the need for disclosure regarding AI involvement and suggested practices for attribution. Overall, the interview highlighted the importance of embracing AI in content strategy to enhance productivity, increase value to clients, and stay competitive in evolving landscapes.


(00:01) hey everyone welcome to the digital remodeler podcast we’re so glad you’ve joined us today and joining me is Jonathan Mast with Whitebeard strategies we’re going to be taking a little deeper dive into the world of AI today talking about some of the things that are happening in AI how it can benefit you in your business and really getting you focused on what’s ahead in the aid driven universe that we all live in today so Jonathan welcome and uh tell us a little bit about yourself and then we’ll get started well thank you I
(00:33) appreciate you having me on the show today and I’m excited to chat about AI as you know that’s a a passion of mine I love that and have really embraced it a lot this year and I think you know it’s it’s a great tool that can allow businesses to really achieve three main objectives in my mind it’s how I work with my clients it’s first save time uh AI has so many ways that can allow us as entrepreneurs and professionals to save time the second area is to increase inre our margins and if we went to the
(01:02) grocery store in the last week to buy groceries we know that we need to increase our margins because everything’s getting more expensive and then the third thing and this is probably the part that excites me the most and it’s probably a little odd but to deliver more value to our clients and the neat thing is is Carl with Ai No Matter What business you’re in we can do all three of those simultaneously when before in history have we ever been in a spot that we could actually increase our margins and deliver more value to
(01:30) clients it happens very rarely and I really think we’re there right now and I’m excited to have the opportunity to chat with you about that today all right perfect well GL glad to have you here and yeah it is a a passion this is one of the reasons I invited you on I’ve watched your your Deep dive into to Ai and I know that you’ve become a real student of it and I think uh those of you listening today are going to find this of Great Value so let’s let’s kind of start with the fundamentals let’s
(01:56) let’s talk about some of the platforms that are out there you know we hear these terms thrown around Dolly and chat GPT and Bard Bing Jarvis uh perplexity tell us about some of the platforms that are out there that people are using right now happy to do so well let’s begin by describing and kind of categorizing them so there’s really a couple different categories of AI tools there’s your AI content creation tools and those are mainly focused on text you needed to proofread an email you needed
(02:26) to write a social media post for you uh you’ve got a an email but going back to a client you just aren’t sure how to word it’s a great tool for that and there’s really three main tools there um Chad GPT is the big gorilla that everybody talks about that gets all the press and that’s what came storming on the scene just over a year ago now uh Google has another version of that called Bard you’ll learn through the interview I’m not a huge fan of Bard other than in specific cases I actually
(02:53) think Google got caught pretty flat-footed when it came to Ai and then there’s a third called uh Claude by anthropic it’s a direct competitor to chat GPT it’s been invested in by Believe It or Not Google as well as Amazon and some other companies and again those three are really focused on text content creation if you need to create it whether that’s again a marketing campaign a blog post social media email um one of my favorite uses by the way is to create standard operating procedures that those are the
(03:23) great tools to use for that then we’ve got our image generation tools and those are tools that just like they sound are really focused on helping you create AI generated images and I got to say they have really impressed me they can do some amazing things you can literally type out what you’re looking for or if you’re on your phone you can just speak it into the phone and say here’s what I want and they’re going to create images based upon that uh the big player there is really twofold one is mid journey and
(03:50) the other is called do uh do is part of chat GPT and Microsoft and uh open aai by the way Microsoft owns a big chunk of open AI uh they’re they offer dolly for image generation in in different ways both do a good job mid journey is a separate application uh and does a very good job but has a very quirky interface and that it actually uses something called a Discord server to feed into they have added a website but it still doesn’t work the way you’d anticipate it as great tool just a little bit of a
(04:23) learning curve to get into along with that there are a number of others that I’m sure people in your audience may be passionate about from uh Leonardo and a host of others that are out there but that’s that’s really that image generation category um you mentioned perplexity doai that that is kind of in a unique category it can do text but it’s really an AI based search engine and it’s where I thought Google would go with AI the neat thing about perplexity is that you can go out to perplexity and
(04:51) ask a question or do a search and it gives you a response and then it also gives you six to 10 websites to reference and I really think that’s where Google’s headed with their new search generative experience and the type of things we’re going to see where when you actually ask a question you get a response instead of just a list of websites to go to and then there’s a host of other tools out there that you mentioned from Jarvis and and others there’s tons of video creation tools um they are getting pretty good but they’re
(05:19) not quite ready to replace you and I yet um but there’s a lot of stuff out there my recommendation for those that are scratching their heads and going oh my goodness this is just so much start with the Basics go to chat GPT and just start using the free version to learn how it works and to figure it out and then over time as your interests and needs change or evolve then start bringing in some of the other tools but to get started with both Claude and chat GPT give free versions that do a very good job start
(05:50) with one of those and you’ll learn a lot pretty quickly perfect and along those lines just just for you know our audience to to understand what would be the benefit of of at some point moving on to one of the paid versions like especially with chat GPT I know you’ll see like a chat gbt 3.
(06:10) 5 or or paid versions 4.0 what what are kind of the big enhancements that a person gets if they do pay on a platform like chat gbt well it’s an interesting question this weekend I actually got asked that in my AI group and it was like is it worth the $20 investment and my response was I would give up pretty much everything other than food and Shel before I’d stop paying for that my Netflix subscription which I love it’s long gone before I stopped paying for chat GPT um what you get with that is easier to describe on
(06:40) chat GTP than it is the other so I’ll start there chat GPT is going to give you access to their 4.0 model which is their most current model the free version is 3.5 it still does a lot of things really well but its knowledge base is cut off about a year and a half ago 4.0 is much more current 4.0 also has with it the capability to do search the internet so it can actually you can have it reference an article or something like that read summarize I love it to summarize things if I’ve got a long article that somebody recommended
(07:10) instead of me reading it and taking 10 minutes I’ll often just feed the URL into chat GPT and say give me an executive summary then I can determine do I want to take the time to read that or not so it does a lot of things there that you don’t don’t normally get access to and and I do think especially for business people I think it’s an absolute no-brainer to spend the $20 a month to get the access and the tools that it gives you Claude also offers a package for $20 a month I am a subscriber um I’m
(07:37) not exactly sure what I’m getting for it to be candid with you I really don’t see any difference between the paid version and the pro if you work for anthropic and can tell me please reach out I’d love to know the difference I want to support you but I’m not sure it has the noticeable difference that it does with chat GPT okay perfect and that brings us really to another topic you you hear the term GPT you um I I see sometimes in your group this discussion about creating a GPT and and so if you could
(08:06) give us a little you know explanation of of what what really is a GPT um what are we talking about there I would I’d be happy to so GPT stands for generative pre-trained Transformer and I actually had to go look that up myself real quick because I don’t have the wording quite right but basically it’s it means that it’s a model that’s been trained on data to respond to your inputs we call the inputs prompts and obviously the responses are responses normally when you hear somebody refer to
(08:39) a GPT as a topic or as an item they’re referring to a new roll out that happened in November and chat GPT rolled out the ability to create what are called custom gpts and those are really interesting in that now you’re not riant just upon the data that that chat GPT knows think of chat GT by the way is probably the the world’s broadest encyclopedia they have knowledge on almost anything you can imagine but they don’t necessarily have knowledge on your company Carl or my company and they certainly don’t have knowledge on me as
(09:10) an individual because I’m not famous enough for that and that’s okay but with a GPT model a custom GPT I can actually upload information about my company I can upload our policies and our procedures our values all kinds of things like that and I can instruct the GPT model to before you use chat gpt’s general encyclopedic knowledge use the specific knowledge that I’ve uploaded and it really provides a a huge opportunity for businesses to simple case if you can imagine imagine giving your customer service team access to a
(09:44) custom GPT that was fully trained on all of your documentation on all of your policies and procedures on all of your values had pre-program how to deal with a frustrated customer how to request a testimonial and all that and now your customer service team has that literally at their fingertips available to help them in resolving any customer issues or anything they’re doing in their job oh excellent excellent and you you broached into another topic and this one is is I think Super critical uh the importance
(10:14) of prompts uh you know it seems like a you know there’s uh good prompts bad prompts and and probably everything in between but not all prompts are created equal would that be a fair statement it’d be a very fair statement uh you probably heard the phrase garbage in garbage out and and that applies to computers in general and it absolutely applies to AI um I think probably one of the most common things I hear Carl is people will reach out and go you know I used it to write a social media post and it what it wrote was just garbage I’m
(10:44) like well what did you ask it to do well I said write me a social media post about the sun is shining outside I’m like well you didn’t give it any context where are you living what what month is it what’s going on what are you trying to do what makes it just like when you talk to a team member and that’s really how I encourage people to look at chat GPT and by the way if I say chat GPT it really applies to Bard and Claude too so but it’s hard to say all three of them all the time if you’re using chat GPT
(11:09) and you’re prompting it talk to it just like you would a co-worker so if I’m working with you and collaborating with you Carl and we’re going to try to write a social media post together I’m probably going to share who’s the audience what is the topic I want to talk to what’s the overall tone that I wanted to have maybe even what opinion do I want it to share or what what education do I want it to give and people seem to forget that and they just go write me a social media post about
(11:33) looking in front of me about acoustical panels well it doesn’t know who you’re trying to write it to it doesn’t know whether it’s supposed to be in favor or against acoustical panels doesn’t know it should talk about the kind that looks like eggshells or the stuff that looks like stripes or if it’s something totally different so it’s going to guess and a lot of times it’s going to guess wrong it’s going to be very general in nature and that’s you see a lot of that content out there because that’s what a
(11:56) lot of people are doing AI is very powerful if if you prompt it well but you need to talk to it much like you would talk to a co-worker when you’re requesting it to do things okay perfect and with that just uh you know you gave us a little sample there do you have a couple just really quick simple prompts that our audience could go try out for themselves just to see you know how that works good question I I encourage most business people to start with the simplest in my mind and that’s find an email that you need to write today
(12:29) you’re just not sure you’re getting the right tone on most of us are writing emails back and forth throughout the day and and one or more of them require us to ponder and reread and think and sometimes we take the time and sometimes we don’t but take that email write your response and now go over to chat GPT and paste it in and say please proofread my response and improve it for two things readability and comprehension so again basically you’re going to say please proofread the following email and improve for
(13:00) readability and comprehension and then you just copy paste your email in you will be absolutely amazed at how much better of an email it normally will create for you now you still need to proofread it and you need to make sure it’s right because that’s not a lot of data to give it but it’s it’s very good at writing professional but not to stale type of conversation and then as a follow-up to let’s say it comes back and it just sounds too professional maybe I’m writing an email to you Carl I know
(13:29) you and and I’m going to be a bit more casual or friendly I can say thanks now try to write it in a more friendly tone Carl’s a friend of mine and it will actually rewrite that email in a much friendlier and more conversational tone and I think it’s a great way to get started the other thing I would add is I have a favorite what I call Prompt addendum and that’s that people forget that chbp you can have a conversation with it so whatever prompt you type in anything you want to try at the end of
(13:59) it when you’re done and you think you’re ready to press enter add this sentence please ask me any clarifying questions you need in order to give me the best response by adding that to the end of your prompt chat GTP is now going to analy what you asked it to do and it’s going to go wow I’m missing three pieces of information I should have if you don’t ask that question it’s going to just assume it has it or it’s going to make it up or whatever we actually call it hallucinations much like drugs when
(14:29) it comes to that because it just hallucinates it guesses but if we put that in there please ask me any clarifying questions you need to get me the best response it will now ask you any questions that it believes it needs to fill in information that you maybe didn’t give it or didn’t think to give it oh wow that you know that right there I think is worth the price of admission that one little line uh so that’s certainly something I’m going to start applying I like that U so let’s let’s
(14:56) talk you know a little bit about you you hit that that topic of hallucination so how do we make sure that our our responses that we’re getting back are really valid they’re accurate they their correct information what things should we be doing to uh you know really quality control the uh responses that we’re getting good question there are a couple things I recommend one is the basic is that’s proofread before you use um if you if you want to just copy and paste out of chat GPT you’re going to
(15:29) sooner or later get bitten by it uh whether you’re a student you’re trying to do it for a report or you’re in business it’s going to make a hallucination or it’s just going to get something wrong the good news is is that I find the majority of the time it gets things wrong isn’t about basic facts it’s about statistics and so if you simply do a quick scan of the response for a percent sign you’re going to catch about 80 to 85% of at least in my opinion of the times when it’s
(15:58) hallucinating and what I do is I actually use perplexity in conjunction so if I’m writing you an email and it states a statistic I had one this morning that 65% of people do something and I forget what it was all about but I’m like man I don’t know if I believe that or not so I took that phrase and I went to perplexity doai a different tool and I said is this true and I just pasted in whatever that statement that statistic was from chat GPT and in this case it came back and said yes it is true and on
(16:28) top of that it gave gave me a citation for it in fact it gave me five citations for it so now I could in confidence leave that in there it was just an email I didn’t bring the citation but I’m like okay that’s true other times it just makes things up out of thin air and you may see five studies that that say certain statistics true and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whatever chgb to told you so I’m a big fan for searching for percent signs and then double-checking any statistics that
(16:59) it gives you inside of perplexity doai yes I know it’s another AI model but it’s totally separate from chat GPT and it’s actually querying the web to find you those citations so I think that’s really important the other part like I mentioned it’s just proof reading making sure that it got it right I’ve had chat GPT mess up names for me especially when it get things more complex and the only real solution to that Carl is to spend more time when you’re asking the question so instead of just asking it a
(17:28) one sentence question maybe you need to write a paragraph or you need to give it a little bit more background information so it knows excellent yeah so if you if you don’t like your result ask better questions uh that really makes all the difference in the world absolutely fantastic well let’s let’s kind of switch gears here a little bit uh you know one of the questions that’s come up with all this AI generated content is how is that going to be viewed in terms of search engine optimization is is
(17:58) Google going to slap hands for that is uh uh you know there’s been a lot of talk about AI Checkers and and those types of things and uh there’s been a lot of lot of discussion in the the search engine Community about you know how’s this going to affect rankings what what are you coming away with what’s kind of what are you seeing happening well I I don’t sit on the board at Google so I can’t promise you what they’re going to do but I pay a lot of attention to what they’re saying and one
(18:25) of the biggest Clues they’ve given recently other than they’ve actually gone on record to say they’re not going to penalize AI content but the most strategic thing to me that I’m relying on you’re probably familiar last year end of the year third fourth quarter they came up what was called The Helpful content update and I’m not an SEO expert so if you are and you’re listening to this I apologize I I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to SEO but the helpful content update when it came out
(18:51) basically said content by humans for humans basically it’s gonna be written by human and got to be good for humans they updated that that is no longer the definition of helpful content that’s published by Google it’s Now helpful content produced for humans for people I think is actually the word they use and that’s really significant when you think about it because not only was that that wasn’t just the first thing they came up with they revised their helpful content definition and removed the fact that it
(19:24) had to be produced by people Google also told us last year through some releases at the Department of Justice some lawsuits that are going on that they actually don’t have the ability to analyze our content nearly as well as what we had assumed they did and so what they’re actually doing according to their internal documents that came out in this court case they’re actually using signals to determine how relevant and how helpful that is those are things we’ve all heard about things like back
(19:51) links and and comments and time on page and all that but part of that process means that there still looking at those same things they’re not analyzing your content as closely as we thought they used to and what they’re really doing is looking at signals so if the content you write was written by Ai and your audience finds it helpful they engage with it they link to it they talk about it Google’s going to like your content on the other hand if I write it personally and it’s not very good and
(20:21) it’s not well written and it doesn’t get time on page and it doesn’t get link to guess what Google’s not going to pay attention to my content because it’s not worried about whether Jonathan wrote it or my version of chat GPT did it’s worried about is it helpful to the audience excellent well with that let’s talk through I know your passion and really what you do uh you know with Whitebeard is is helping business owners create this Aid driven content strategy and so let’s let’s talk a little bit
(20:52) about that because you know obviously content is is feeding the machine if you will that’s the driver um but you got to have a strategy behind that and so what’s been kind of your your uh thrust what are you seeing how are you advising clients these days good question thanks for asking so as you know I’ve been in the digital marketing world for a long time I’ve earned all of this white hair on my beard but about a year ago and October 7th actually of last year 2023 um after three years of saying I’m
(21:26) going to do this I’m going to do this I’m going to do this and always getting sidetracked as you know most agency owners do we get busy and so we don’t do things like most business owners creating content isn’t fun it’s not the easy part and so it doesn’t happen I decided last October I was no more excuses I was going to start writing multiple blog posts a week I was going to do a video every single day and I was going to go ahead and put up multiple social media posts this was just before
(21:51) AI came out and it was fortuitous I was blessed to be able to think that through because AI has increased the amount of my content so now do you need to create more content you did a year ago the answer is yes absolutely you do and it may get slightly lower engagement but the benefit is we can create so much more helpful content now with AI that you can overall increase it so if every piece of content gets say 70% of the engagement it did last year but I can create 10 times as much content that’s still helpful I can get 700% of the
(22:26) engagement I had last year which is still obviously a benefit so we work with clients to literally go and and check with Google to find out what things does Google want you to talk about in order to be seen as an expert in your Niche if you want to be seen as that go-to expert regardless of your industry Google has that data and as you know being in the agency space as well Google sells it to us they’ll tell us what that is and so we can go and find out here are the questions and on average averages are dangerous but on
(22:56) average if we pick a a a broad topic that you want to be an expert in I can identify with that somewhere between three and 400 questions and topics that Google says I they want you to answer in order to be seen as an expert and then we teach our clients or do it for them to do what we call AI assisted content I do not believe that AI is at a point that you can just say here’s the topic and here’s what I want to say and create that content it’s not going to do a good job at it but you can prompt it well you
(23:28) can then allow AI to write it and you can proofread it and you can create content in probably about 20 to 25% of the time that we could a year ago and still have that be good helpful content and that’s what your audience is looking for because when you start creating written content and then video content based on that and social media content based on that that is going to get not only Google’s attention but your audience’s attention as well and I got to say being in sales there’s nothing like getting on a sales call Carl and
(23:59) having somebody go Jonathan I feel like I know you because I’ve been seeing your videos how do I work with you as opposed to all right I signed up for the sales call why should I talk to you very different perspective and as you know from conversations we’ve had I’ve built my current agency that I started just four months ago based upon the whole fact that people are coming to me as an expert in my Niche asking how they can work with me as opposed to why they should listen to me and that’s made just
(24:29) a world of difference and it can do that for anybody regardless of your Niche AB absolutely I’m I’m glad you you pointed that out because one of the things that you know this we we deal with this in our clients is is helping them really understand this attraction marketing model that when you become the expert everybody wants to work with the expert U it’s no longer the discussion of of do you have the lowest price or or any of those things you’re an expert ERT and people are willing to pay for that
(25:00) expertise because they want to work with the best and so I I love this strategy and I’m glad we got a chance kind of talk about it and and just to break that down you you kind of gave a little little Glimpse there um you’re taking long form content and then you’re repurposing that multiple multiple venues M platforms am I understanding that correctly yeah no absolutely We Begin by writing written long form articles or blog posts so our recommendation really simply is 15 blog posts every single month and I know
(25:33) people are going you’re crazy I’m not getting one out now no you need to do it but then that results in 15 to 30 video scripts based upon that article and then we’re going to leverage that into social media posts and we’re going to turn that into on average three social media posts per article so if you’ve ever been on Facebook or Instagram LinkedIn any place like that and you’ve seen a post got a a good hook a great great title got your attention maybe had the first sentence or summary and then it had a link to
(26:02) read the rest of the article those are the type of social social media posts we’re creating because what happens is is two things one it drives more traffic to that article does what we call amplifying that and that’s important the other thing that it does and this is a a great trick if you haven’t learned this already you can share content on social media that support your position and your beliefs and get credit for it even if you didn’t write it so Carl if you write an article that I think is spoton
(26:30) I can go share that on my LinkedIn profile and link to your article and I still get credit with my audience for having maybe not for written it but for for being an expert in that field because I shared that information so now on on top of sharing your great content I’m also sharing the content that I’ve written or I’ve written with AI we call it AI assisted and I’m able to put that content out there and because it’s targeted again now and notice I didn’t say keywords not that keywords are
(27:01) irrelevant but we’re not trying to just get you know the best chiropractor in Indianapolis we’re targeting on if in that example everything about chiropractic care and making sure that when that chiropractor is writing they’re not just talking about being the best chiropractor or the most trained chiropractor but they’re answering all of these questions that Their audience is asking so when somebody in Indianapolis says chiropractor near me or who’s the best their website automatically comes up and because of
(27:37) Google’s new eat model for expertise and authority and all of that I won’t go into the whole details that’s a whole another discussion but we’re even finding that the social media posts that you make Carl help Google create that web of authenticity to validate who you are your Facebook post is never going to show up in search engine results but I believe and and I could be wrong but I believe solidly that that Facebook and that LinkedIn post that you make are signals to Google that they’re indexing
(28:06) those and they’re going well Carl wrote this article he did a video and now he’s posted guess what I can now validate that Carl’s real because he’s had this LinkedIn profile for seven years and he’s posted consistently and now that’s going to increase your credibility so that article you wrote and everything else is going to appear higher and be more likely to be ranked by Google where your audience is going to see it excellent now as we talk about that that brings up an interesting topic AI
(28:34) assisted content um so who really owns that is is that is that mine is that the AI platform I was even thinking about you know images created with Dolly um are are those copyrighted images from the the platform how do we give proper attribution uh to AI assisted content it’s a great question and one that hasn’t been settled in the courts yet so there is no definitive answer my recommendation to my clients is simple uh I recommend that you add something to the foot of your website letting them know that this amazing content that
(29:12) you’re reading on this website was created in conjunction or in collaboration with AI it was human prompted it was human directed but it was it AI was part of that process I think that’s an important disclosure to make as far as copyrights the courts haven’t said yet we don’t know so I as a business person I’m using mid Journey for most of my images primarily because I can buy a license from them will it hold up in court down the road I don’t know but I know as a business owner I can take the fact that I can rely on a
(29:43) statement being made to me and the fact that I’m exchanging something of value my money for their services that I have at least a I think a fairly strong leg to stand on and use those images does that mean that the image that I’ve used and created nobody else can use I don’t know uh you know I just have believe it or not in this virtual world I finally decided to print business cards up because I’ve been going to enough events to speak that I I need business cards and I used one of my mid Journey images
(30:13) on my business card is it possible that you could use that yeah can I stop you probably not but here’s the key it took me over 400 iterations to get the image that I wanted to put on my business card I would dare say that one nobody knows the exact prompts I used or is going to take the time to replicate that exactly and therefore it’s much like a picture if I decided to take a picture uh and somebody else wanted to use a similar concept and take their own picture I can’t stop them from doing that so when
(30:47) it comes to imagery in particular I don’t have a great answer for you Carl but I don’t believe the risk is significant to us as business owners um if you’ve ever used a stock image I’ll never forget the first day uh years ago I started my agency originally as a web design agency 13 years ago before I started Whitebeard strategies and I’ll never forget driving down the highway about two years after we started and I saw a billboard that had the exact same image that I had used as the header
(31:15) image on my agency website and I remember going they can’t do that and now I remembered oh i’ licensed that from stock photography so they could do that so nothing stopped them from doing that didn’t change anything thing chances are very few people that saw that billboard were looking at my website and probably ever realized there was anything similar there as well so if you’re not Disney or Pixar or somebody like that I don’t think it’s probably relevant to most of us as business owners today to be too concerned about
(31:42) that excellent and then let’s uh you know kind of kind of land the plane here U what are the current best practices what are if you were to name off probably the top two or three things that you think a business owner really needs to just make that part of their practice when when dealing with AI what would those be that’s good um we give this off the top of my head so I reserve the right to change my mind but at the moment I think when you’re dealing with AI keep in mind that just like an employee it does seem to have a mind of
(32:15) its own so just we used to joke that just because Abraham Lincoln quoted it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true just because chat GPT said it doesn’t mean it’s true validate statistics you’re writing content or creating content whether that be Sops or anything else about things that you’re an expert in take the time to take a quick look even when I write an sop I’m I’ve got add so I’m not good at details but I’m really good at putting together a bulleted list to say here’s how I should
(32:45) do something now I can give that to chat GPT and have it create a extensive and fairly comprehensive sop based on that it fills in the gaps for me but I still read through it to make sure it filled the gaps in the right way and I know people go oh but I wanted it to be easy I’m like well compared to writing an sop a year ago it’s all lot easier AI is an easyer button it’s not the easy button that one of the office supply chain stores you know gave that red easy button it’s not the easy button
(33:16) it’s the easyer button don’t expect it to understand what’s in your head if you haven’t told it and the reality is we can’t tell at everything that’s in our mind so just understand it’s like talking to another person on your team they only know so much and use it appropriately to do that but I highly encourage you to leverage it to save time increase those margins and best of all provide more value to your clients to convince them why they should spend more time with you and more money with
(33:46) you instead of possibly looking for the competition because their groceries are costing them more too excellent excellent and then Jonathan where can somebody connect with you I I certainly want highlight the Facebook group I think that’s a great place if you could talk about that for a minute and then how else can they connect with you thank you for that Carl I appreciate it um you can reach out to me at Jonathan mast.
(34:09) com linktree uh it’s got access to all of the stuff that you probably want so it’s just my name Jonathan Mast mast.com linktree and it’ll give you everything you need I do run a great Facebook group if you’re interested in learning about AI as of this morning we’re almost over 20,000 entrepreneurs in that group uh if you want to learn about prompting you want to get tips and tricks it’s totally free go ahead you can find that on my link tree page just join that group and and there’s tons of value in there and
(34:39) uh again if you want to message me you want to reach out I’m widely available um my my phone number and everything’s on my website give me a call Reach Out send me an email I’d love to add value and teach you how to use AI to really help leverage it for your business fantastic and then uh Jonathan any any final parting thoughts that you have for us get started now it’s not too late I just talked to somebody the other day Carl and they’re like oh I missed the AI boat I’m like no the boat hasn’t even
(35:09) left the dock yet it’s there but it hasn’t left the dock yet we’re going to see so many changes in 2024 don’t be afraid of AI it’s not a fad it’s not going away it’s time to embrace it and use it because if you don’t your competition will and that’ll make them more productive than you excellent well Jonathan thank you for being our guest today and to our audience I hope you’ll take a lot of gold nuggets here um hope you made some notes you can always come back relisten uh take more notes but
(35:42) this is a great place Jonathan I’m sure we’ll have you back as things continue to evolve love to lots of questions and certainly appreciate you being with us anytime thank you for the invitation Carl it’s been a pleasure

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