Local SEO Tips for Home Remodeling Contractors

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As you probably know, there are two different types of search engine optimization services: traditional SEO (also known as international SEO) and local SEO services. 

International businesses use traditional SEO to promote their sites in Google search. However, local businesses use local SEO to improve their local ranking on Google.  

Home remodeling contractors are local businesses that operate in certain geographical areas. That’s why it would be better to use the power of local SEO to promote a home remodeling business. 

Here are the top benefits of using local SEO services for home remodeling contractors:

  1. Lower competition
  2. High quality website traffic
  3. High conversion rate
  4. High return on investment
  5. More customers 

It goes without saying that local SEO has to be a key part of home remodeling company’s marketing strategy. However, local SEO will contribute greatly to your business success only if you do everything in the right way. 

Local SEO is no easy work that requires certain knowledge, skills as well as experience. Today, we’ll provide you with local SEO tips that work well for home remodeling contractors. No matter, where your company operates, use these local SEO tips to promote a home remodeling business in local Google search successfully and get the best possible results.

Select Local Keywords for Home Remodeling Contractors

The success of a search engine optimization strategy depends a lot on keywords that you target. It’s crucial for home remodeling businesses to pick the right target keywords for SEO. 

There are general keywords as well as local keywords. It would be better to use local keywords for SEO strategy of a home remodeling business. Local keywords consist of general keywords and location that you target.

General keywords have higher competition comparing to local keywords. That’s why it’s a lot easier to achieve top search engine rankings for local keywords. It’s also important to note that local keywords generate search traffic that converts better. So, you’ll find it easy to turn your home remodeling company site’s visitors into customers. 

Do keyword research and pick the search terms which are relevant to home remodeling business and the geographical areas that you are targeting. 

Use an online keyword selection tool to get the best keyword suggestions for your home remodeling company’s site. Also, it makes a lot of sense to analyze your competitors carefully. Try to find out what keywords your competitors use for their sites.   

Attract Local Backlinks to a Home Remodeling Business Site

Backlinks continue to play a very important role in a search engine optimization strategy. However, you have to be very selective when it comes to picking online platforms for building backlinks.

If you build backlinks for a home remodeling company, you need to keep several factors in mind.

  1. Select websites which are relevant to home remodeling industry. 
  2. Select websites which are relevant to the areas that you target.
  3. Try to get backlinks from popular sites.   

It’s necessary to analyze online resources for building backlinks carefully. Give a preference to popular online platforms that have something to do with home remodeling industry and locations that you target. Such backlinks will drive targeted traffic to your home remodeling company’s site and contribute greatly to your local SEO success. 

Get Local Citations for a Home Remodeling Business

Local citations work well for a local SEO strategy. A business gets a local citation when someone mentions its name online. If you do SEO for a home remodeling business, then it would be great to get as many local citations as possible.

Local citations have great benefits for home remodeling contractors. These include:

  • Local citations drive the targeted local traffic to a site.
  • Local citations boost the awareness of brand.
  • Local citations contribute greatly to local SEO. 

The owners of home remodeling businesses can build local citations on different types of websites. It’s possible to get local citations on forums, online directories, relevant websites and social media platforms.

Use Google My Business to Improve Local SEO

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of using Google My Business for improving local SEO. That’s why it’s so important for home remodeling contractors to create Google My Business page and optimize it for local SEO. It’s one of the most important steps that you need to take for improving your local SEO. It’s fair to say that GMB helps home remodeling contractors grow their businesses.     

  • Google My Business page provides customers with the detailed information about your home remodeling business and services. GMB provides the contact information and makes it easy for your prospects and customers to find your home remodeling business online.   
  • Google My Business improves home remodeling company’s online reputation. The reality is, people can leave reviews about businesses on GMB page. And of course, home remodeling contractors should aim to get as many positive reviews about their businesses as possible. On the other hand, negative reviews should be avoided.    
  • And most importantly, Google My Business improves your local ranking on Google. GMB helps people find your home remodeling business in Maps and search. This is how you can use Google My Business to improve local SEO for your home remodeling company. As a result, your home remodeling business will rank better in local search results on Google. 

As you can see, Google My Business delivers multiple significant benefits to home remodeling contractors. GMB allows home remodeling contractors to improve local SEO, get more customers, land more jobs and take their business to the next level.

Do you need to improve local SEO for your home remodeling business? If so, contact us today to get a free service quote. Our search engine marketing professionals are always looking forward to assisting you with any of your local SEO needs!

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