Pinterest and Instagram for Home Remodeling: a Visual Marketing Guide

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As the saying goes, “it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”. Actually, the same can be said about marketing a home remodeling business.

And of course, people will contact a home remodeling business if they see the work that professionals can do for them. That’s why visual marketing plays a very important role in the home remodeling industry these days.

Pinterest and Instagram make it possible for home remodelers to show visual content to the target audience. Today, we are going to provide tips that home remodelers need to follow for marketing their business on Pinterest and Instagram.

So, let’s get started.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Visual marketing on Pinterest and Instagram always has to begin with the preparation. It’s crucial to target the right people on these platforms. That’s why you have to study the target audience of a home remodeling business carefully in advance.

You need to know the client’s preferences and interests well. Plus, you have to find out when your target audience is the most active online. After that, you should start planning your visual marketing strategy on Pinterest and Instagram.

Leveraging Pinterest for Home Remodeling

When promoting a home remodeling business on Pinterest, you should focus on idea boards and mood boards. You should use the power of Pinterest boards for visual marketing and also you should get the inspiration for your home remodeling projects.

It’s necessary to optimize Pinterest boards as well as descriptions and pins for search visibility. It would be great to include keywords related to home remodeling into the texts.

By doing so, you’ll make it easy for Pinterest to understand what your content is about. On the other hand, keyword stuffing should be avoided. Pinterest boards should be categorized correctly as well.

Instagram for Home Remodeling

Instagram can contribute greatly to the success of a home remodeling company’s visual marketing strategy. You should create an Instagram account and build following for your business on the platform.

It makes sense to share before-and-after photos, project highlights and behind-the-scenes glimpses with the target audience on Instagram. The content of this type works well for a home remodeling business on the platform.

Instagram Stories and IGTV would be a good addition to your visual marketing strategy. Using this marketing technique helps home remodelers engage with the target audience on Instagram.

Visual Content Creation

Home remodelers should always provide high quality visual content on Pinterest and Instagram. The content has to include eye-catching photography as well as graphics. Home remodelers should also use compelling visuals to demonstrate the quality of their work to people. Visual content of this type works well and helps get a lot of attention to a home remodeling business on the platforms.

Hashtags and Keywords

People tend to use hashtags as keywords to find the relevant content on social media sites. And of course, you should use hashtags to promote a home remodeling business on Pinterest and Instagram. By doing so, you’ll manage to make your content relevant to a home remodeling business. As a result, users will manage to find your company easily on the platforms.

Among the most popular hashtags in the home remodeling niche are: home remodeling, home improvement, home renovation, construction and others. These are the main keywords which are relevant to a home remodeling business. You can also use the additional hashtags which are relevant to home remodeling services. These include: basement conversion, loft conversion, house extension, etc.

Engaging with the Community

Great content gains popularity quickly on social media sites. That’s why you should reply to the comments, messages and actively participate in the discussions when marketing home remodeling services on Pinterest and Instagram. This will help you engage with the community, get more attention and, most importantly, land more customers for your home remodeling business.

User-Generated Content

It would be great to ask happy customers to leave comments about your home remodeling business on Pinterest and Instagram. For example, they can share their own remodeling experiences with other users and mention your business. After that, you can showcase the content to your prospects and this will help you build trust and authenticity.

Consistency in Posting

It’s incredibly important for home remodeling professionals to post the content on Pinterest and Instagram regularly. It’s recommended to update social medial platforms with the fresh content at least once per week.

Consistent posting will remind your target audience about your home remodeling business and help you keep your target audience engaged. Prepare visual content for Pinterest and Instagram and schedule the posts on the platforms ahead of time.

Measuring Success

Home remodelers should use the insights and analytics to track the success of their visual marketing efforts. When measuring success, home remodelers should pay close attention to such

key performance indicators as the amount of traffic, clients, profits and conversion rates. This type of analysis will help you make conclusions and refine your visual marketing strategy.

Collaborations and Influencer Partnerships

It’s a good idea to establish a partnership with the influencers on Pinterest and Instagram. Find the industry partners, who operate in the home remodeling sector and contact them to discuss the partnership.

For example, influencers can create the post about home remodelers and tell users about their services. And of course, influencers should recommend your business to people who need home remodeling services.

Compliance and Copyright

Home remodelers should always respect the copyright laws when promoting their services on Pinterest and Instagram. If you post someone’s images or videos content on social medial platforms, then make sure that you have the proper permission. Also, it’s necessary to provide the links to the sources of the content.

Trends and Innovations

It’s important to know that video marketing is an ever-changing industry. That’s why it’s so important for home remodelers to use the most innovative technologies to promote their services on Pinterest and Instagram.

Track the latest trends and innovations and implement them into your marketing strategies. Think about using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies for visual content creation.


Thank you so much for reading this article. It goes without saying that visual promotion needs to be a key part of a home remodeling company’s marketing strategy.

And of course, home remodelers should aim to get the most out of their visual marketing efforts. Use our tips to promote your home remodeling business on Pinterest and Instagram successfully.

If you would like to learn more how we can help you grow your home remodeling business with marketing services, contact us for an initial consultation today!

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