SEO for Residential Construction: How to Rank Higher and Reach More Homeowners


Search engine optimization is a great way to promote a residential construction business. SEO helps residential construction companies put their products and services in front of homeowners.

Homeowners try to find residential construction companies in search engines. That’s why SEO has to be a part of a residential company’s marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization allows residential construction companies to promote their services and find new customers successfully. With SEO services, it’s possible to grow a residential construction business in a fast and cost-effective way.

First and foremost, it’s necessary to create a website for residential construction professionals. After that, you should promote a website and attract the target audience to the business. It’s worth noting that residential construction companies operate locally. That’s why a business of this type needs local SEO services.

Residential construction companies should aim to rank higher in search engines for local keywords and try to earn as many customers as possible. Today, we’ll dig deeper into the process of search engine optimization process and provide tips for promoting residential construction companies with SEO.

So, let’s get started.

Pick the Right Keywords for an SEO Strategy

Search engine promotion of a residential construction business begins with keyword research. In other words, you have to pick keywords for which your site’s pages have to be optimized for search engines.

You have to be very selective when it comes to picking keywords for a residential construction business. It’s necessary to take into account such factors as competition, traffic, and conversion rate.

It would be great to select the keywords which are relevant to the residential construction industry. Also, it’s necessary to promote a residential construction business site’s pages for local keywords.

It makes no sense to do the search engine promotion for keywords that have nothing to do with the locations in which residential construction professionals don’t operate.     

Optimize the Site’s Pages for Target Keywords

    Once the list of keywords is ready, it’s time to do on-page SEO for a website. You have to create content for all site pages on your residential construction site. The content has to be original, relevant to residential construction services, and include the target keywords.

    Residential construction professionals can publish two types of content on their sites: 1) informational content and 2) educational content. The goal of informational content is to tell people about residential construction services such as loft conversion, basement conversion, home extension, etc. The goal of educational content is to share tips with homeowners and help them come up with home renovation ideas. That means that content of this type has to bring value to readers.     

    Also, it’s necessary to spread the keywords among the site’s pages. Content on each page has to be optimized on 1 – 2 primary keywords and several secondary keywords. Well-optimized blog posts will rank high in search engines for target keywords and can generate high amounts of traffic to residential construction companies’ sites.  

    It would be great to add a blog to the residential construction company’s site. Such a blog can be used for SEO purposes. The content of each blog post has to be optimized for target keywords. So, a blog will contribute greatly to your SEO.    

    Attract High-Quality Backlinks to a Website

    Links are incredibly important for search engine optimization. However, residential construction professionals should aim to attract high-quality links to their sites. Links of this type generate high-quality traffic to residential construction businesses and have a profound positive impact on SEO.

    The big question is – what type of backlinks do residential construction companies need? Now, it’s time to get the answer. It’s crucial to get relevant links for the residential construction business. So, you should get backlinks from residential construction sites. Don’t forget that residential professional operate locally. Therefore, it would be better to attract links from local sites. Ideally, you should aim to get links from local sites which are relevant to the residential construction industry. 

    It’s possible to get backlinks from residential construction blogs, forums, and other types of sites. It’s a good idea to take advantage of guest posting. This link-building technique works well for residential construction businesses.

    Promote Site’s Content on Social Media Platforms

    There has been a lot of talk about the importance of social media promotion for SEO. The reality is search engines take into account signals from social media. That means that your content will rank higher in search engines if it has a lot of likes, shares as well as comments on popular social media platforms.

    Residential construction professionals should do every single thing possible to promote their content on social media successfully. In fact, there are many effective ways to promote residential construction-related content on social media.

    1) Business pages. First of all, it’s necessary to create business pages on all popular social media sites. Once a new blog post has been published on your residential construction site, you can share it on your business pages on social media.   

    2) Social share buttons. It’s also recommended to integrate social share buttons into residential construction companies’ web pages. Buttons of this type make it easy for site users to share content on social media platforms. So, take advantage of the buttons to promote residential construction content on social media in a fast and effective way.

    3) Social media groups. Groups can be successfully used to promote residential construction businesses. Residential construction professionals should try to find popular social media groups, which are relevant to the residential construction industry.

    No matter how you choose to promote your content on social media, your success depends a lot on the content that you publish. Content is everything for social media promotion. Interesting content works well on social media. Homeowners tend to like, share and discuss interesting residential construction-related content on social media sites. So, you should aim to share content that brings value to homeowners. Do you need SEO for a residential construction business sites? Our skilled SEO professionals are always ready to help you grow your residential construction business with cost-effective SEO services. Contact us today to get a free service quote!

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