7 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing a Home Remodeling Company

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A home remodeling business operates in a highly competitive environment. Many companies operate in the home remodeling industry. It’s worth noting that a lot of those companies have a large customer base. That’s why it can be difficult to compete against such companies. 

A home remodeling company has to put a special focus on marketing. Home remodelers should aim to market themselves in the best possible way to attract new clients to their businesses. 

It’s incredibly important for home remodelers to develop an effective marketing company that works well for their businesses. Also, home remodeling professionals should avoid crucial marketing mistakes. 

Traditionally, marketing mistakes result in wasting your time and money.  There are also the situations when marketing mistakes can cost you a lot. And of course, home remodelers should do every single thing possible to prevent these kinds of things from happening. Today, we’ll talk you through the mistakes that so many home remodeling companies make when marketing their businesses.  

So, let’s get started. 

1. Depending On a Single Lead Source 

Home remodelers shouldn’t put all eggs in one basket. Let’s say that you mainly use SEO to promote your home remodeling company. In this case, you should also think about alternative sources of traffic for your website. 

It also makes a lot of sense to consider such marketing solutions as Google AdWords, social media advertising, YouTube channel, etc. Alternative marketing solutions will bring the additional traffic to a home remodeling company’s site and will help you increase your online presence as well as brand awareness.

But most importantly, you’ll have other lead sources if SEO doesn’t work for your business. Search engine rankings may suddenly drop. If this happens, you’ll still get traffic from other sources. As a result, your home remodeling business will not suffer a lot.       

2. Ignoring Social Media

Some home remodeling companies don’t do social media marketing. It’s a big mistake. The reality is the popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others bring a lot of people together. That means that social media sites have a huge marketing potential for a home remodeling company. Therefore, ignoring social media means that you’ll not get a lot of additional customers. There is no doubt that social media needs to be a key part of a home remodeling company’s marketing strategy.     

3. Not asking for Reviews on Google and Facebook

Keep in mind that people tend to check reviews before hiring a home remodeling company. It’s worth noting that home remodelers pay a close attention to reviews on Google and Facebook.

However, the vast majority of happy customers will not leave a review about your business if you don’t ask them to do so. The truth is that people would rather leave a negative review about a home remodeling company than a positive one. 

It’s important to know that Google and Facebook can reveal fake reviews quickly. So, it doesn’t make sense to buy fake positive reviews. Instead, you can ask a happy client to leave a positive review about a home remodeling company. This way you can get a lot of positive reviews. 

Each of positive reviews will contribute greatly to the online reputation of a home remodeling company. You’ll find it easy to turn your website visitors into paying customers if your home remodeling company has a lot of positive reviews on Google and Facebook.             

4. Failing to Optimize Your Google Business Profile 

The main goal of Google Business profile is to provide the detailed information about your home remodeling company. When creating a Google Business profile, home remodelers have to describe their services and provide the contact information. By doing so, home remodelers make it easy for their clients to find their company.  

5. Failure to Optimize for High Value Keywords

High value keywords can generate high amounts of targeted traffic to a home remodeling company. The certain part of home remodeling company’s traffic will turn into real customers of your business. On the other hand, you’ll not get any traffic if your home remodeling company’s website is not well-optimized for high value keywords.   

6. Having a Website That Doesn’t Convert Visitors into Leads

First and foremost, you have to put your business in front of people, who take an interest in home remodeling services. Attracting the targeted traffic to a website is half the battle only. 

Another important step that you need to take is to turn website’s visitors into paying customers. That means that you need to do every single thing possible to improve your site’s usability and increase the conversion rate of your site. 

Make sure that your home remodeling company’s site looks good on all types of screens and devices.  

Also, you need to ensure that your website loads quickly. Bear in mind that site’s visitors will not wait for a long time. They will leave your site and go to your competitors if your site’s pages don’t open within 3 seconds. 

It’s necessary to check your website page speed regularly. If you find that your site loads slowly, fix all the issues to speed up your home remodeling company’s site.    

7. Neglecting Mobile Device and Voice Search Traffic

People, who search for home remodeling professionals in their areas, choose to use mobile devices. That’s why home remodeling professionals have to have a mobile-friendly site. 

It’s also important to note that many searchers choose to use a voice search option to find home remodelers near them. That’s why it’s necessary to optimize a home remodeling company’s site for voice search terms.

Home remodeling professionals should do their best to get the most out of their mobile and voice search traffic. That means that mobile optimization and voice search optimization have to be the number one priority in home remodeling company’s online marketing strategies. 

Marketing a home remodeling company is no easy task that requires certain knowledge as well as experience and skills. So, it would be better to trust this type of work to real marketing professionals. Contact us today if you want to learn how we can help you grow your home remodeling business with marketing services! 

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