Why is the Google Rep Calling about My Ads Account?

google rep calling about AdWords account

Oftentimes, Google reps call to business owners who use AdWords solutions to promote their products or services in the search engine. 

It sounds like Google’s representative is going to give you an advice on your Ads account optimization. That’s why calls from the so-called dedicated Google account strategist, who is willing to help, may sound interesting. 

When getting such calls, business owners believe that a Google rep is calling to help them with ad campaign optimization. So, they follow Google rep’s recommendations to get better results. However, it’s not the right thing to do. 

As a business owner you should be very careful when a Google rep calls. The big question is – do you really need to fix your account? Now, it’s time to get the answer!

What Do You Need to Do When Someone from Google is Calling to You?

It’s crucial for business owners to realize that Google is not going to help you optimize your account successfully. In most cases, Google reps just make sales calls. In reality, Google reps recommend business owners to spend more on advertising to get more search traffic. 

However, you should think twice before following Google representative’s advice. Obviously, such advices has nothing to do with optimization of your ad account. Keep in mind that Google reps are calling to you because they need to market Google ads services. 

That means that following the advice from the Google representative shouldn’t be the number one priority in your marketing strategy. Instead, think about your conversion rate optimization and try your best to turn every your prospect into a paying customer. 

Remember, the main goal of Google reps is to increase your Google AdWords budget. On the other hand, as a business owner you should aim to get the most out your ad budget.   

A Call May Come from Google Partners

Another important thing that you need to be aware of is that calls that business owners receive don’t always come from Google. 

It’s important to know that there are many third party firms that deal with Google. The representatives of such companies position themselves as Google advertising experts. However, they are not going to help you promote your products and services with Google AdWords successfully. Such experts are just interested in increasing their sales.   

But most importantly, such companies make calls to business owners as well. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to find out who is standing behind the Google name and who they are dealing with.  

Calls, which business owners receive, sound official. However, these calls may not come from Google. Oftentimes, such calls come from Google certified partners. So, as a business owner you should resist the temptation. 

It’s important to understand that Google partners are earning a commission from selling Pay-per-Click advertising services to businesses. The strategy of Google partners is clear. The more money you spend on advertising your business in Google – the more third party companies earn. 

As we have already said, such companies are interested in increasing their sales. Therefore, such companies don’t care too much about the success of your ad campaign and your business success. In other words, Google partners would like to get a good deal rather than help you manage your Pay-per-Click ads in the best possible way. 

The fact is that dealing with Google partners and official Google reps is not always beneficial for businesses. The cooperation of this type has nothing to do with marketing

If you deal with Google’s sales people and follow their recommendations, then you’ll spend more money on ads. Pay-per-Click ads should drive more traffic to your business. However, as a business owner you should do your best to get the most out of your Google advertising budget. 

The quality of traffic matters a lot. It’s necessary for businesses to target the right type of traffic and work on increasing conversions. This is what Google ads account optimization is all about.                           

How to Get Better Results with Google AdWords

Optimization of Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaign is incredibly important for your business. If Google AdWords management is done right, ads will contribute greatly to the success of your business.

It all begins with goal setting. It’s incredibly important for businesses to put their products and services in front of the right audience. In other words, you should aim to sell your products or services to people who need them. Represent your business to people, who take an interest in your business. So, you’ll find it easy to convert them into buyers. 

Keyword selection has to be one of the top priorities for your business. Choosing the right keywords can drive the right type of search traffic to your business in Google. Business owners should aim to pick the keywords that provide high return on investment.

Building a landing page that works and converts well is crucial for business success. Business owners should constantly improve their landing pages as well as product pages. Doing A/B testing makes it possible for business owners to improve content as well as conversion rates. 

It’s crucial for businesses to analyze the efficiency of their ads all the time. If you find that something goes wrong with your ad campaign, then you should fix a problem immediately. Make all the necessary changes as soon as possible.

Do you need help with account setup and ad campaign optimization? If so, contact us today to get a service quote! Our skilled professionals are always ready to provide cost-effective solutions for any of your marketing needs!

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