How to Market a Home Renovation and Remodeling Business Online

how to market home renovation business online

Home renovation and remodeling industry is highly competitive these days. A lot of home renovation professionals operate in each geographical area. That’s why marketing a home improvement business can be hard.    

When marketing a home renovation and remodeling business online, it’s incredibly important to put special focus on search engine marketing and social media marketing.

It’s possible to market a home renovation and remodeling business in search engines and on social media sites in a number of different ways. Today, we’ll talk about the most effective online marketing techniques for a home renovation and remodeling business. 

So, let’s get started. 

Google Business Listing

Oftentimes, people prefer to use Google Maps to find home renovation and remodeling businesses near them. The reality is, this type of search is very convenient. Google provides searchers with the results and show them where businesses are located on the map. So, it doesn’t take too much time to find home renovation and remodeling professionals.   

It makes a lot of sense to add a home renovation and remodeling company to Google Business listing. By doing so, you’ll make it easy for your prospects to find your business on Google Maps.

When creating Google Business listing, you have to be very careful. You need to pay close attention to the accuracy of your Google Business listing’s data. Make sure that your business information and your business contact details (such as business address, website URL and phone number) are accurate. 

It’s necessary to optimize Google Business listing as well. In other words, you have to make your Google Business listing relevant to target keywords. When optimizing Google Business listing, you should select the right category. Explore all of your options carefully and pick a business category that’s most suitable for your company. 

Plus, you have to write the company’s description for Google Business listing. It would be better to optimize such a description for keywords that you target. Keep in mind that keywords should look and sound natural in the description. Keyword stuffing should be avoided.      

On top of that, you can add high-resolution photos as well as short videos to your Google Business listing. These elements will increase your conversion rate and contribute greatly to the optimization of your Google Business listing.            

SEO and Local SEO

Search engine optimization has to be a key part of a home renovation and remodeling company’s online marketing strategy. There are two types of SEO services: traditional SEO and local SEO. 

Traditional SEO and local SEO have many things in common. A SEO strategy consists of three steps. These include:

  1. Keyword research
  2. On-page optimization
  3. Link building

However, there are some differences between traditional SEO and local SEO as well. If you do traditional SEO, you optimize a business site for general keywords and attract relevant links for a website. If you do local SEO, you optimize a business site for local keywords and build local links. 

It’s also important to note that the competition in local Google search is much lower comparing to the competition in general Google search. That’s why it’s a lot easier to do local SEO for a website. 

Home renovation and remodeling companies run a business locally. That’s why local SEO has to be the top priority in their online marketing strategies.      

Google Ads

However, it takes some time to achieve success with SEO and local SEO. In this case, Google Ads will become an alternative to search engine optimization.

If your site ranks well in Google for target keywords, then you can use Google Ads as an addition to your search engine optimization strategy. Google Ads will generate the additional search traffic to your site and increase the online presence of your home renovation and remodeling business. 

What is great about Google Ads is that they work quickly and effectively. The advertising solution of this type allows home renovation and remodeling professionals to get search traffic once they run their Google Ads campaigns.  

When Google Ads are used to promote a home renovation and remodeling business, advertisers have to pay for each click that’s made on their site. It’s worth noting that advertisers can set a budget for their Google Ads campaigns. Advertisers can also modify, suspend or stop their Google Ads when such a need arises.          

Instagram and Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two popular social networks. People use social networks to communicate, share and discuss content with each other. And of course, home renovation and remodeling professionals can promote their businesses on these two social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way to promote a home renovation and remodeling business on social media. With these types of ads, advertisers can identify the target audience. They can specify age, sex, locations, interests and other parameters for their potential customers. As a result, social media ads will be shown to the right people.

Another big advantage of social media ads is that they work quickly and effectively. You’ll start getting social media traffic once you start running your Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns.          

It would be great to show Facebook and Instagram ads to older couples. So, show ads to people who are 35 years old or older. Both men and women can be interested in home renovation and remodeling services. 

It’s a great idea to show Facebook and Instagram ads to architects, landlords and property investors. These people can be potential customers for home renovation and remodeling companies. 

Do you need help with marketing a home renovation and remodeling business online? Contact us today to get a service quote! Our professionals will develop an effective online marketing strategy that works well for your business! 

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